Accommodations during Hurricane Matthew

Hotels are filling up fast as people evacuate for Hurricane Matthew. Here are few tips for finding last minute accommodations.

  1. Check the brand’s website. With limited availability, hotels may close out inventory to some third party websites.
  2. Call the hotel directly. Sometimes hotels close out their hotel for online reservations to prevent overselling. You may be able to capture a reservation because another reservation cancelled or someone checked out early.
  3. Ask the Front Desk Associate if they could take your information just in case something opens up.
  4. Consider hotels outside of the city or downtown area if it is sold out. By going just 15 minutes outside of the city you may find more availability and more competitive rates.
  5. Consider moving hotels during your stay. A hotel may not have availability to accommodate a three night stay, but could accommodate one or two nights. While we realize splitting your stay between hotels is not the most convenient, in an already inconvenient situation, it’s an option in a pinch.