Delays at Airports – Be Sure to Plan Ahead

The FAA has furloughed over 15,000 employees which include air traffic controllers. This is causing delays at some of the major airports with the potential of trickling down to others. Please keep this in mind as you travel in the coming weeks as this situation continues to have new developments. Here are a few recommendations we have to assist with dealing with these travel challenges.

Here are a few tips as you plan to travel:

  • We recommend you track your flight online prior to heading out to the airport on your airlines website or
  • Because safety remains a top priority, allow extra time to clear security.
  • Try to book flights that depart early in the day to allow time to be first in line for another flight in the event your original flight is delayed or cancelled. Monday and Friday are busy travel days, try to book on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Pack light. If you have to deal with flight delays or cancellations it is best to have your belongings with you.
  • Lastly, pre-charge your phone and tablet. (You’ll thank us for this one later!)

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